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Nora Jaenicke is an award-winning filmmaker currently residing in Paris. She grew up in Italy with German parents and studied Film Production at the European Institute of Design in Rome and Screenwriting at Vancouver Film School.

Later on she obtained a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Psychology and Creative Writing at Harvard University Extension Studies, while on a full scholarship. She has worked in Cologne, Germany, for a Documentary Film Production Company and as a Set Designer in Los Angeles, before starting to write and direct her own films. Her feature length screenplay Whales was selected to be a part of the Kitzbuehl Writing Residency in August 2017, was a semi-finalist at Nashville Film Festival and a finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Her first feature film is slated for production in May 2021. When she is not writing, teaching or making films, she runs a screenwriting retreat in the heart of Tuscany and a Film Festival on the Italian island of Elba.

Yvonne Maria Schäfer is an actress (SAG/AFTRA), awarded producer, executive advisor and world traveler.

In 2008 Yvonne founded the film production company YMC Films in New York and in 2012 a branch in Germany the YMC Entertainment GmbH.

Yvonne worked on over 50 film productions. Her film productions include, FORGET ME NOT (2009) directed by Federico Castelluccio, with Peter Greene, “The Child”, an adaption of a bestselling novel by Sebastian Fitzek, with a star cast, released in theatres (2012), CHECKMATE, KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER (2013), premiering at the AFME, supported by Robert Redford, HOME STAY (2018), BERLIN I LOVE YOU (2018), with Hayden Panettiere and the action film THE OTHER PATH (2019).

YMC’s documentary co-productions, include STICK EM UP RELODED (2015), THE CUBAN HERD (2016) and GLORY PERU (2018).

As an actress she can be seen in films such as CHECKMATE, THE CHILD, THE BROOKLYN BANKER, HOME STAY, MEDUSA.

In addition, Yvonne consults on many international film productions and is an executive advisor for various other companies including Mercaptor Discoveries Pharmaceuticals, where she was Chairman of the Executive Advisory Board.

Jakob Creutzburg grew up surrounded by musicians and dancers. During his career as a dancer he had the pleasure of traveling widely since he was a child. Later on he also worked as an actor, in production design and as an assistant director for  dance and theater ensembles.

Besides narrative films Jakob still loves to work on dance and theater films as well as creating stage visuals and installations. His credits in these fields include working for the Lincoln Center, New York (2010), and for “La Porta Della Legge” at the Teatro La Fenice, in Venice (2014). He is the co-founder of the camera rental “Hand & Fuss” (Berlin, Germany).

After finishing his studies in cinematography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund he has been working as a director of photography, primarily in Berlin, but also internationally. He has worked on four of Nora’s films: Between Seconds, Whales, Joyce and an earlier version of Whales “When the Whales Cry”.

In collaboration with “Volle Pulle Filmproduktion” he was the Director of Photography on the feature films “2Close2U” (2015, Director: Steffen Baermann), “Therapie” (“Therapy” 2016, Director: Felix Charin) and “Die Farbe des Chamäleons” (“The Color of the Chamaeleon” 2018, Director: Jürgen Klaubetz). Currently in progress are the German/Swedish feature Film “Fünf Finger sind ´ne Faust” (“Five Fingers are a Fist”, Director: Laura Fischer) and Nora Jaenicke’s first feature film “Whales”.He has made films in Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain, Greece and Sweden.

Akshay Chawla is a businessman and private investor, currently working on renewable energy development projects in India.

In late 2017 he produced his first film “Joyce” with award winning director Nora Jaenicke which recorded over 12 wins at various international Film Festivals.